What is it?

You may be wondering what is the attoWPU and WPU, what's its purpose and why it was created. Your questions will be hopefully answered here, if you still have some, don't hesitate to ask by clicking on the "Contact" option.

What is WPU?

You probably know at least what CPU and GPU are: processing units with specific purpose and philosophy: CPU (central processing unit) is universal processor, that is capable of executing any type of a program (well, maybe not literaly), but unlike specialized units, he can't do many of them fast enough, so in case of graphic operations, GPU comes in: it's specifically designed to perform graphical operations quickly, but can't do much else (although that's somewhat changing with unified shaders and such, but that's besides the point). Point is, each of these has its philosophy and purpose, something that makes them typical, so what makes WPU typical?

WPU stands for Weird Processing Unit and such weird and crazy fun name already implies what WPU is: it's basically a processing unit, that's somehow weird - different from usual conventions. WPU can be any processor, that has at least part of it designed in a weird, unusual way, that makes programming for it and the way the machine code is executed challenging and/or interesting. It doesn't have to be practical in any way and often, it's not. It's more of a "hey, let's try this and see what happens" philosophy - purely experimental, whacky and weird for the sake of fun and curiosity.

This means, that WPU is basically any processing unit, that somehow tries to go beyond boundaries of conventions of normal processors. WPUs try to be more or less original, new and interesting concepts, that stimulate programmer's minds with untraditional design and usually untraditional programming. They can be even considered to be form of an art to some extent, something like "avant-garde processors".

What is the 2DWPU?

2DWPU is the second processing unit from the WPU series, much more complex than 2DWPU and much more innovative. It's still currently under heavy development, so better watch the developer blog for sneak previews and such :3 Unfortunately, you still have to wait till you can learn more about it and try it on your own, but don't worry, the time will come ;-)

How can I try it?

For now, you can't, just read the paragraph above :3

What was the inspiration to create the concept of WPUs?

It's funny, but large portion of inspiration and even motivation to create the concept of uncoventional and original processors was music, two bands (my most favorite ones :-) ) in particular: Unexpect and Diablo Swing Orchestra. Both are avant-garde metal bands, which means, that they experiment with the music and genres, to create something new, unique, original and unconventional. I (Frooxius) loved, how they do not fear to experiment and try new unusual things, that most other musicians wouldn't ever try. I loved their originality and bravery to go beyond conventions of music and I wanted to do similar thing with processor and programming language design. I too wanted to explore unexplored, put some originality and uniqueness into them, to make them somehow unusual, weird, original, inovative and playful :-)