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Won 4th Grand Award at Intel ISEF 2012!

This is me doing science >:3

Hello :D  Recently spent one week in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania at Intel ISEF - international (though 50 % of people there are from USA and the other half are "guests") science fair for young students with high school projects, where I presented my own project I created during high school - my experimental processor architectures (I'm trying to change the way processors work and the way we write programs for them), especially 2DWPU.

Hardware chip running in real time - sneak preview!

Hello, this is a short video of the hardware version of 2DWPU (actual working chip! >:3) running a simple demo I prepared for the Intel's press conference. The HW demonstration is at the end, preceeded by some development stuff, including the synthetized circuit diagram or the 2DASM sourcecode that renders this nice animation! ^^

Sneak preview 4 - Colorful Snow + Source!

A simple animation of a colored snow written in the 2DASM language for 2DWPU. The animation is rendered trough the IOinterface to the SimpleLCD virtual device. View the 2DASM sourcecode.



MUST WATCH! Five sneak preview videos! :3

There's not much info publicly available about the 2DWPU architecture, but you can watch some sneak preview videos here, which can give you a glimpse into what's going on. 2DWPU comes with several interesting advantages to ordinary processors and architectures!

2DWPU Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak of a 2DWPU architecture, one of the early testing algorithms, there's more coming soon, can't reveal all at once, so keep tuned!

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