MUST WATCH! Five sneak preview videos! :3

There's not much info publicly available about the 2DWPU architecture, but you can watch some sneak preview videos here, which can give you a glimpse into what's going on. 2DWPU comes with several interesting advantages to ordinary processors and architectures!

2DWPU Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak of a 2DWPU architecture, one of the early testing algorithms, there's more coming soon, can't reveal all at once, so keep tuned!

2DWPU sneak preview 2

Another sneak preview of the 2DWPU :3 This time a simple program that interfaces with very simple LCD display and randomly generates colored dots all over it and the second is a program that calculates sum of squares of all numbers between 32 and 1
Keep tuned for more, soon: Simple lifeform simulator :3

2DWPU - up to 8,5 Mhz (simulated - cycle precise) on my laptop!

Wooohoooo! 2DWPU simulator runs it at up to 8,5 Mhz. ON MY LAPTOP (==not so fast). I wonder how faster I can get with more optimizations and even optimized core. Or at some more powerful computer :3

2DWPU - AT 11 MHz! ^^ (simulated - cycle precise) on my laptop!

After tweaking the optimizations more, I got to amazing 11 Mhz!!! ^^ Compared to previous 8,5 Mhz (, with same code being simulated on the 2DWPU! :3 This makes me really happy! ^^ Significant performance gain with almost no effort! ^^

2DWPU - Sneak preview 3 - automatic parallelism

One of the key features of the 2DWPU is reaching automatic parallelism at instruction level as is demonstrated in this video. It can automatically distribute the execution over several cores. For example a simple (20 instructions) algorithm takes 40 cycles to complete with one core, but just 12 if we add three more cores, without any change to the actual program!